DOSS Soundbox – Good sound meets perfect finish*

First of all, for all those who do not want to read the entire review, let me summarize my conclusion. My overall impression of the DOSS Soundbox Pro Plus is good. The finish is excellent and the sound good. However, you have to press the button “Extra Bass” otherwise the sound is rather below average.

First impression and packaging

The packaging is simple but ok. Supplied with a 3.5 mm AUX cable and a micro USB cable. Both are relatively short. (about 1 meter) If you plugin your smartphone, you are probably ok, but I run the sound box on my MacPro, which is under the table, and the AUX cable is definitely too short. Most of you will use the Soundbox via Bluetooth anyways, so the short cable is negligible. However, the USB cable to charge is a very different problem. If you want to keep the Soundbox on the power all the time you have to look for a place that is very close to a power outlet, or replace the micro USB cable for a longer one. For the price of about $ 70 ther should be a decent cable coming with the speaker. By the way, no charger is included in the box.

Finish and design of the Speaker

The speaker is very well made and feels very high quality. The surface is made of a matte soft plastic. The matte surface of the speaker, however, is very prone to fingerprints and stains. All buttons have a good pressure point and make a stable impression. The LED lighting is very appealing and can be very easily deactivated, if you do not want lighting. There are three modes for lighting. Normal monochrome color change, two-color color change with lighter shades or color change with very intense shades. The LEDs flash and change to the music. If not always in time. On the back there is a micro USB port to charge the speaker, an AUX IN port and the Micro SD card slot behind a rubber cover.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is good. With the “extra bass” turned on, it’s very good. The sound gets better the louder you turn up the volume. On my first test, I was very disappointed with the sound of the speakers. Apparently, it was because the battery was almost empty and the sound has suffered greatly. After charging the Soundbox, the sound was much better. I also noticed a difference in sound quality when in Bluetooth mode and when I plugged in the smartphone via cable. If the speaker is controlled via the jack cable, the sound is much better than via Bluetooth. This is probably due to the fact that a Bluetooth module version 4.2 was installed.

My conclusion to the DOSS Soundbox Pro Plus *

For the price you get a solid Bluetooth speaker with a very good finish, good design and excellent battery life (about 15 hours). The sound is good probably very good. I would say for the price of about $ 70 you are well advised with the DOSS Soundbox Pro Plus.

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