S1 Electric Toothbrush

The packaging of the toothbrush is perfect in my opinion. Electric toothbrushes from much more expensive manufacturers are not otherwise packed. Everything is clearly and cleanly wrapped in foil. The toothbrush was even already charged a bit.

First impressions

The toothbrush feels amazingly well made. Actually, at this price, I had expected the toothbrush to feel a bit cheap. That is not the case at all. The handpiece has a pleasant weight and feels extremely valuable. The attachment brushes snap in nicely with a click and hold well on the handpiece. No complaints there! The charging station is well made too. The only downfall is that there is no place to put the brushes when they are not in use. The charging station is pretty small and does not take up much space. The cable for charging is permanently attached to the charging station. I would prefer that it were removable, but that would probably make it easier to get water into the station.


The toothbrush has three different cleaning modes. Whitening, Sensitive and Massage. So far, I have tried the programs Whiten and Sensitive. And I have to say that you can really feel the difference between whitening and sensitive. The operation is actually self-explanatory. I did not need a manual. There is exactly one button to turn on the toothbrush and jump through the programs. It could not be easier. The toothbrush is charged via USB charger, which is not included. I think that is not a big deal, if you have read it in the description. Nowadays everyone has a bunch of USB chargers lying around.


In my opinion the toothbrush does a great job in what it should do. Brushing your teeth. The vibration may need some getting used to at the beginning because it tickles in some places. 😉 But you get used to it after the fourth or fifth time. The intervals of 4 x 30 seconds are definitely noticeably divided. (Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush stops briefly to signal that you want to change the cleaning area in your mouth) After the 4 intervals, the toothbrush stops automatically. For me, the 2 minutes are always a bit too short, which is why I then turn it on again. But apparently you get used to the 2 minutes. I’m curious. If you turn of the toothbrush during these 2 minutes it starts from the beginning. The toothbrush does not remember the remaining time when you turn it of.


I have been using the toothbrush for some time now and I am very enthusiastic about it so far. My teeth feel cleaner and they start being noticeably whiter.


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