Asus PB277Q Monitor

I bought the Asus monitor for my office. I wanted more screen real estate than 1920p. The decision for the Asus PB277Q 27 inch WQHD was quickly made. The main reasons were the low price and the usual quality of ASUS products.


I was really surprised that the monitor comes with a lot of cables. The monitor comes with DVI, VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI cables included. This was a very nice touch especially because the monitor is not that expensive. Of course there was a power cable and some instructions.

Quality and usage

After some time in use, I can say that the monitor does not disappoint. It is built really well. The monitor is height adjustable and can be tilted. You could even use it edgewise. But in my opinion this might be a bit too high. It is a 27 inch monitor.  The picture quality is good and I could not detect any pixel errors or shadows. The resolution is great, especially if you previously worked only on FullHD monitors (1080p). The extra real estate is something I got really used to very quickly.

I use the monitor mainly for image editing and with the Adobe Suit. Of course, the color rendering is not 99% Adobe Color, but I did not expect that from the monitor either. The picture is good enough for my needs. As already written, the WQHD resolution is a blessing especially for programs like Photoshop or Premiere.

Assembly and Installation

The assembly is very simple and feasible without screwdriver or other tools. Of course, you do not have to install any drivers or stuff. The monitor is plug and play. So plug it in and get started. The color calibration is good. The monitor is neither too saturated nor too flat. I would say a neutral good picture.


If you look at the price, the monitor is awesome. The high resolution and the resulting space on the screen are a dream for me. The picture quality is very good. I can confidently recommend the monitor.

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