Logitech MX Master

I’ve been using this mouse for over 2 years now and I’m still completely happy with it. The mouse was purchased as a replacement for the Apple Magic Mouse.

As is well known, the Magic Mouse is nice, but absolutely unsuitable for prolonged use. I also found that after a working day, I always had pain in my wrist. Therefore, the purchase of the Logitech MX Master.

Long life the mouse!

As mentioned I’ve been using the mouse for over two years now and it works and works like on the first day. Of course it has noticeable signs of wear on the keys. But the mouse is in daily use for at least eight hours. That is impressive. I work as a web designer and use the mouse very much. After two years, I can not find any defects. The buttons click and work like on the first day.


The mouse feels really excellent in the hand. I have not had any pain in my wrist since I used it. Even after more than eight hours a day at the computer. All keys (except for the left and right mouse button) are freely configurable in the Logitech options. In my opinion, this is a huge plus for the mouse. It adapts perfectly to your workflow. The connection via Logitech Unifying receiver has never stopped and is really reliable. I have never had connection problems or lags. You could also connect the mouse with up to three devices. You can switch between devices with a small button on the bottom of the mouse. I’ve not really a need for this feature but of course I tested it and it works as described.


Should the mouse ever stop working, I’ll definitely get that one again, or a newer identical model from Logitech.

I am definitely convinced.


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