D-Link DGS-108 8-Port

After a long search I decided to get the switch from D-Link. D-Link is known for high-quality and durable network tools. We use the switch in a small graphic design office. We work directly with relatively large files on a NAS. A switch does not do much. It is actually just expanding your available LAN ports. The D-Link switch is really reliable. We are running it for over two years now and it works like on the first day.

Installation and setup

Plug it in -> finished. Yes it is that easy. You unpack the switch, connect it to the power and your router or another switch and boom it works. The switch gives you 8 additional LAN ports. You can connect everything with a LAN port to it. We are running Macs, PCs, a NAS and our Printer with the switch. There is not even the possibility to do something wrong. Of course, it is an unmanaged switch therefore not setup.


We’ve been using the switch for a little over two years now. As already written, the switch runs in a small graphic design agency. The switch has 2-3 workstations (Macs and PCs), a Synology NAS and a printer connected to it. Thus, we still have 2 ports free. That was the most important thing for me, as you can never have enough LAN ports and if you need one you usually have no spare ones.

As I said the switch is now running continuously for more than two years and the best is, you do not realize that it is there. We never ran into any problems. We usually work directly over the switch on larger projects that are located on the NAS. (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, …) I have not noticed any difference in speed to locally stored files. (If they do not lie on an SSD of course)


I can recommend the switch without hesitation. If you need some extra LAN ports the D-Link switch is the way to go. I will definitely buy another D-Link switch if we run out of ports in the future.

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