JBL Tune 500*


I ordered the JBL Tune500 on amazon and as usual they delivered the headphones in no time. Delivery is almost perfect when it comes to amazon.

The headphones themselves are packaged normally if there is such a thing. No fancy apple style packaging but you can not really expect that from a pair of headphones in that price range.

Lots of plastic and some cardboard. Thats it but do you really need a fancy box?

First impression

Honestly the JBL Tune500 headphones do not really look like a high-quality product. They definitely do not fell like one. The headphones are really light weight and almost entirely made of plastic. If you have a closer look you notice that the critical areas are indeed made out of metal. Especially at the joints where the earpiece connects to the headband.

The few buttons for volume control, previous and next and the personal assistant are well made and have a nice click to them. They are also easily reachable.

I really like the design of the headphones. The appear in this mate black with just the JBL logo (also in black) on either side. If you plan on getting some attention with your new fancy headphones don’t get the black JBL’s.

Usage and Sound

Pairing the JBL Tune500 to your smartphone is straight forward and really easy. I had no problems with my outdated iPhone 6s. Paired once the headphones connect automatically to your device if you turn them on. You can of course pair multiple devices. Two devices can be paired at the same time. This comes in handy if you are listening to music on your computer and receive a call on your phone at the same time. Works perfectly.


Nun zum Klang. Ich hab mir natürlich kein Klangwunder erwartet, für den Preis. Ich war dann aber nicht schlecht überrascht als ich den Kopfhörer aufgesetzt hab. Er ist sehr laut. Auf voller Lautstärke kann man nur sehr kurze Zeit hören, wenn überhaupt. Der Klang ist meiner Meinung nach gut bis sehr gut. Ich konnte es auch nicht glauben aber ich hab in dann mit meinen, schon in die Jahre gekommenen, Technics RP-DJ1210 DJ Kopfhörern verglichen und war sehr überrascht. Die JBL sind um Welten besser. Es fehlt ihnen vielleicht manchmal ein wenig an Mitteltönen, aber bei gestreamter Musik aus dem Smartphone ist das wirklich nicht wichtig und man muss schon sehr genau hinhören. Ich bin begeistert vom Klang der kompakten Dinger.

Now the sound. Of course I did not expect a miracle, for the price of the JBL Tune 500. But when I put the headphones on I was rather surpriced. They are loud. Very loud. I would say you can not use them at the highest volume. For a very short time maybe but your ears will definitely not appreciate it.

The sound is good probably very good in my opinion. I could not believe it, but then I compared them to my old, technics RP-DJ1210 DJ headphones and I was very surprised. The JBL Tune500 are far better. Maybe in the mids you miss some clarity but if you are like me and use the headphones casually on your commute you will never hear that. I really like the sound of these compact headphones.

The headphones also feature a microphone. Therefore you can answer calls without fiddling around with your phone or ask siri some important stuff. The sound quality of the microphone is decent. I had no problems making calls and was understood perfectly.


I’m excited. The sound quality in my opinion is very good . The low weight of the headphones is a great advantage in my opinion. You can hardly feel them in your head after a while. The only thing I would criticise is the non premium fell of the materials but on the other hand you are not paying for premium.

TechWithMat Rating 95%


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