HUION Kamvas Pro 13

We’ve been using the Huion tablet for a few months now and I have to say I’m excited. It is our first drawing tablet with screen but to those without screen it is not a comparison. It works much more accurate and intuitive if you can draw directly on the tablet with picture.


We use the tablet in our design office mainly for editing images or creating graphics. It’s not in daily use, but the workflow has improved tremendously. The accuracy with which you can make image retouching is awesome.

The tablet responds very quickly and the tilt and pressure functions of the pen make drawing with the tablet a delight.

The tablet has a very wide format. The aspect ratio is wider than 16/9 which is very good for use with Photoshop or other CC applications as there is enough room to the left and the right for the tools and pallets.

Neutral / Negativ

The tablet with its 13 inches is rather small if you are drawing on a daily basis it might get to small for you. If you really need a lot of space you definitely  want to grab the 22 inch model. If this is your first drawing tablet or for occasional use, the size is always enough.


The HUION Kamvas Pro 13 is in my opinion the perfect introduction to the world of drawing tablets. The advantages over a tablet without a screen are endless. I can give an unqualified buy recommendation for this tablet.

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